Buying organic. What to buy?

When buying organic, especially in a supermarket, you can easily become overwhelmed. It’s sometimes hard to decide which items you should be buying organic and which items it is ok to skip over. You can find just about anything from organic tooth paste and laundry detergent to cereal and diapers.… More >


Organiworks is a local, small business that sells natural and organic products for your body, baby and home. All the products and ingredients are tested to make sure they are safe and efficient. I use many of these products here in the daycare including; sunscreen, bug spray, hand soap, hand… More >

Healthy Living Market

I recently went shopping at the Healthy Living Market in Saratoga Springs. By purchasing just a few very simple ingredients, I could make three tasty lunches for the daycare that the children loved! The first meal I made from Healthy Living Market was a quiche. I used fresh organic eggs,… More >


Proper nutrition is a significant part of raising healthy children. Feeding children fresh, organic, and non-processed foods is a main goal here at Jumper Bean. Almost all of the children’s meals and snacks are organic and made right here in our kitchen. At Jumper Bean, we allow the children to… More >

Batternkill Creamery

Jumper Bean is on the weekly delivery route for Batternkill Valley Creamery’s healthy and wholesome products. Batternkill Valley Creamery provides premium quality dairy products that are guaranteed “fresh, local, and all natural.” Batternkill Creamery pledges to their customers that they do not and will not use pesticides, insecticides, or artificial… More >