Eat Well and Play Hard

Jumper Bean Daycare was chosen to take part in the “Eat Well Play Hard with Daycare Homes” program! We understand how important your child’s health is and want to do the best we can to keep your child healthy.

Ms. Ashley is being specially trained by an Office of Child and Family Services certified dietitian and is attending workshops to learn more about the importance of nutrition and exercise for both young children and adults. Ashley is learning how to help children be the healthiest they can be by serving nutritious foods and learning new, fun ways to keep children active and engaged.

A program trainer visits Jumper Bean to teach the children nutrition lessons and participate with the children in an engaging activity. During the next year, Jumper Bean will be receiving newsletters that provide information to our families. These newsletters provides tips on health and nutrition that they can use at their homes to create a healthy lifestyle (CACFP, 2013).

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