Jumper Bean Starts Construction

94 McMaster Street wasn’t always known as Jumper Bean Daycare. There were a few changes and tweaks that needed to be done to make it into the wonderful daycare atmosphere it is today. Let me take you through the process of what transpired to transform a home into a daycare.

One of the very first things that was done to the outside of the home property was stump removal. A very old tree with not much life was cut down and an extra large stump remained. Yes stumps are fun to play on but this stump was up against the hard walkway and the street so we decided it would be better gone. The stump was ground and the removal began. Once the wood chips were gone we filled in the hole with dirt, along with any other small holes on the front lawn and added grass seed. Now I can say the lawn is coming together nicely!


On the side of the home or the secondary entry, are some cement steps. These steps had weathered and large pieces of cement were braking off and loosing. My father went to town on these steps and really created a fantastic finished product! I am so proud of these side steps and the nicely tightened, freshly painted railing. Now the side of the home is ready for company!

Here are a few other changes I would like to mention;

  • The swing set was tightened and re-finished. New swings were added and small wood crips where placed underneath the swing set for a safer play area.
  • We fenced the one side of the yard and will continue with the rest this fall.
  • Air conditioning was added to the home to make for cooler days and nights this summer and fall!
  • New light fixtures were adding to both the inside and outside of the home to brighten up all areas used for play.
  • New painting to both the inside and the outside of the house.
  • Replaced old door handles.
  • Child friendly light switch installation in the first floor bathroom is coming soon.
  • New windows were installed throughout the home because some were unable to open properly.
  • All outlets were checked and non working ones were replaced.
  • Tree removal in back yard.
  • Now with all the hard stuff done we can move onto the fun stuff which is setting up the space for the children! This home is such a great fit for children and toys because of all the built in storage!! This is so great because every toy can go neatly away when we are done using them and there are no bins left out. We filled all the first floor cabinets with many toys.

  • Brought in a custom length, children’s picnic table for lunch time and arts and crafts. We stained and finished this picnic table to give it a nice look for inside the home.
  • Filled all the downstairs cabinets with toys, books and games.
  • Placed all the larger children’s items around the boarder of the room.
  • So here are many of the renovations we made to 94 McMaster to turn it into Jumper Bean Daycare. With some sweat and a little tears this home was transformed into a fun, friendly, loving and inviting place for both children and parents. If you haven’t been in to take a look and would like to just email info@jumperbean.com and we will set up an appointment. See you soon!


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