Striving to create healthy, active children, we recognize the values and benefits of eating nutritious foods and the importance of maintaining an energized lifestyle.  It is important for children to be able to understand the benefits of staying active and healthy and to continue this way of life into adulthood.  Jumper Bean offers the building blocks for young children to become confident, whole and thriving adults.


Jumper Bean Preschool is a New York State licensed Daycare Center providing care for children ages 3-5 years. Here at Jumper Bean we have created an environment where children feel safe, eat well balanced organic meals, are encouraged to play, stay active, and learn about the environment. We are a place where parents can feel confident that their child is safe, and learning both developmental and fundamental skills for life. Encouragement, staying positive, learning to play with others and creativeness are all aspects of the Jumper Bean program. Our goals are to provoke learning and healthy living at all stages of your child’s development.

Through quality interactions with others, and creating healthy attachments with the caregiver we can ease this separation concern and are able create a positive setting for both the child and the parent. We will provide sensitive responsiveness and be emotionally available in times of need for your child to build a secure relationship. Parents and children will feel welcome when entering Jumper Bean and be let out with friendly goodbyes. By providing secure, professional caregiving we support a sense of security and promote healthy relationships now and later in life.



Director of Jumper Bean Preschool, Karyn has worked for 16 years in the Early Childhood Education Field. She has gained knowledge and experience at each stage of development from her work in the field. During her career Karyn has worked as an Infant/Toddler Teacher, Preschool Teacher and as the Head Teacher of an Integrated Preschool Classroom. Karyn has worked for the last 7 years as the Director of a Head Start program which provides Early Childhood Education to children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. When not working Karyn enjoys spending time with her fiancé, daughter and two rescue dogs Humphrey and Snowy.

Karyn has completed the required health and safety training through the New York State Office of Child and Family Services, along with CPR and First Aid.





Julia is an assistant teacher at Jumper Bean Preschool.  She graduated from Clarkson University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Julia spent most of her summers volunteering at a summer camp in Oswego where she discovered her love for working with children.

“I was also a nanny for two girls and an after school mentor for third grade students at Lawrence Ave Elementary School in Potsdam, NY. In my free time I like to be outside, travel, read, and play with my dog!”

Julia has completed the required health and safety trainings along with being up to date on  CPR and First Aid.



An assistant teacher at Jumper Bean Preschool, Jackie is loving, charismatic and patient.  She has earned a Bachelors degree in Human Development from Binghamton University.

“I have been a wife and stay- at- home mother to my three children for seventeen years. I have loved every minute of it. Being home has been good for our personal family dynamic and has given me so much joy to be able to nurture those around me in my neighborhood and community.”

Jackie is both CPR and First Aid certified and stays up to date with the New York State Center regulations.



Compassionate, energetic and caring, Shannon is a substitute teacher at Jumper Bean Preschool.









Caring, supportive, and charismatic Rachel is an assistant at Jumper Bean Daycare. Rachel has over 10 years experience caring for children including her young son Aiden. A former employee of the Children’s Academy, Rachel has extensive knowledge of working with children of various ages. Rachel is also a volunteer at Saratoga Abundant Life Church Preschool and Nursery School. Rachel is both CPR and First Aid certified and stays up to date with the New York State daycare assistant regulations.


Dana 2


An assistant teacher at Jumper Bean, Dana has over eight years experience working with preschool age children.  She gained much experience working at a daycare center located in Long Island NY and being a stay at home mother for her two daughters.

“When not working I enjoy spending time with my two daughters and husband.  We enjoy going to six flags and being outside.”

Dana has completed both CPR and First Aid training along with all mandated OCFS trainings.


Claire 1


I’m getting a Masters degree at the University of a=Albany in Medical Anthropology.  She has four years of experience with working with children of various ages.  Claire has worked at a summer camp with children aging from 8-14 years in age.

“I enjoy working with children because they have creative minds and see the world differently.”

Claire has completed both CPR and First Aid training along with all mandated OCFS trainings.