Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that are not addressed, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by phone or email via our Contact page—we’re here to help!

Is the Preschool Full Day?

Yes, our program is full day.  Our hours of operation are 7:30am-5:30pm year round.

Is the Preschool Licensed?

Yes, Jumper Bean Preschool is a New York State licensed Daycare Center which is inspected and kept up to the Office of Child and Family Services Regulations.  Our center receives unannounced visits by NYS to make sure your child, staff are within ratio, the building is properly maintained and trainings are up to date.

For more information of the regulations for daycare centers please visit

What ages of children are at the Preschool and what are the ratios of children to staff?

The Preschool location enrolls children ages 3-5years.  The student to adult ratio is 7:1.  We have two classrooms divided into 3 year olds with young 4′s and older 4′s with 5 year olds.  Each class has one head teacher and one teacher’s assistant.

What is total capacity of the building?

Our total occupancy is 23 children.  Classes are 11 children and 12 children total each having two adults.  The unique small setting of Jumper Bean lets your child form quality attachments and build lasting relationships with staff and classmates.

Does every child have nap or rest?

The center has quiet time after lunch.   If a child cannot nap they will be able to play quietly and are provided fine motor activities with their teacher.

What does Jumper Bean Preschool teach?

We focus all our lessons on the four major areas of development; social/emotional, language/literacy, physical (fine and gross motor) and cognitive. Weekly themes are incorporated into all areas of the classrooms to extend learning throughout the day. Teaching staff work with each child based on their abilities to meet individual academic goals.  Children will develop intellectually, academically and socially in our preschool program.  See our Program page for details.


What meals do you provide?

We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks along with milk and water beverages.  Children will have choices for snacks and their meals unless your child has food allergies.  All of our meals are kid friendly and organic.  For your child’s birthday you can bring in a snack or we can prepare a special snack for that day. See our Program page for more details on nutrition.


How do you communicate with parents?

We encourage parents to communicate any questions or concerns with us.  Jumper Bean uses a daily program called Tadpoles.  Teachers update Tadpoles individually and daily so parents can check child’s nutrition, sleep, learning and pictures throughout the day!  Good communication is key to meeting your child’s needs emotionally and physically.


Is there an illness policy?

Yes, New York State requires children with a fever of 100 degrees or higher to not attend and can only return when they have been fever free for 24 hours.  If the child is on an antibiotic, that also needs to be administered 24 hours in advance prior to their return.  Children with an communicable disease cannot return until the doctor has provided a written note determining their safe return.


What is your daily schedule?

For a complete overview of our daily schedule Please see our Program page.


What are the qualifications of the staff?

All staff have CPR and First Aid, have undergone criminal background checks, fingerprints, reference checks, completed the Health and Safety course, stay current on 15 hours per year of mandatory training, and proper education.  Each staff member meet and exceed the New York State Office of Children and Family Services State requirements. For more information on these requirements please see OCFS link.