Striving to create healthy, active children, we recognize the values and benefits of eating nutritious foods and the importance of maintaining an energized lifestyle.  It is important for children to be able to understand the benefits of staying active and healthy and to continue this way of life into adulthood.  Jumper Bean offers the building blocks for young children to become confident, whole and thriving adults.


Jumper Bean is a New York State licensed Group Family Child Daycare facility. Here at Jumper Bean we have created an environment where children feel safe, eat well balanced organic meals, are encouraged to play, stay active, and learn about the environment. We are a place where parents can feel confident that their child is safe, and learning both developmental and fundamental skills for life. Encouragement, staying positive, learning to play with others and creativeness are all aspects of the Jumper Bean program. Our goals are to provoke learning and healthy living at all stages of your child’s development.

One of the first areas which holds most concern when your child is going into daycare is the separation itself. Through quality interactions with others, and creating healthy attachments with the caregiver we can ease this separation concern and are able create a positive setting for both the child and the parent. We will provide sensitive responsiveness and be emotionally available in times of need for your child to build a secure relationship. Parents and children will feel welcome when entering Jumper Bean and be let out with friendly goodbyes. By providing secure, professional care giving we support a sense of security and promote healthy relationships now and later in life.



Head teacher, owner and creator of Jumper Bean Daycare. Dynamic, energetic and highly organized with a love for children and the environment. Ashley has a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies, Environmental Biology Specialization and a Pre-Law minor from Cazenovia College, NY. She has also taken courses in Infant and Toddler Development and Attachment in Early Childhood at Empire State College, NY. Ashley has completed the required health and safety training through the New York State Office of Child and Family Services, along with CPR and First Aid. She has over thirteen years total experience caring for children of various ages. Ashley stays highly active through soccer and running.
“I have always been a very healthy and active person, eating organic, natural foods and playing sports. Through being a nanny, I found my love for children and wanted to incorporate both my healthy and active lifestyle into the children under my care. I also have an environmental science degree so nature is very important to me.”


  Barbara KerkerBARBARA

A volunteer at Jumper Bean. Spirited, compassionate and energetic, Barbara loves both animals and children wholeheartedly. With over 20 years combined experience caring for children and being a mother, Barbara is both loving and passionate with everything she does. She will personally invest all her time and energy into your child to make sure they are as comfortable and secure as possible. Barbara loves helping and giving back to the community as an animal activist and volunteer. She has completed both CPR and First Aid training.



Energetic, enthusiastic and driven. Gail is the assistant at Jumper Bean. With a focus on the children’s safety and happiness being first priority, she puts her all in every child. Gail has over 20 years experience through being a mother and a teacher’s aide at a local school. Gail is both CPR and First Aid certified and will be staying up to date with the New York State daycare assistant regulations.
“I am a mother of three beautiful children and truly enjoy spending quality time with them. I have been working with children all my life through watching little ones and working at the school for many years.”


RIS_8297 Anna

An assistant at Jumper Bean, Anna has volunteered in the Sunday Preschool at Saratoga Abundant Life Church as well as their annual Adventure Camp.  Anna has experience caring for children infant through school age and works at the library with children of all ages.
“I enjoy hiking mountains, exploring lighthouses, making candles, and spending time near the ocean.”  Anna is also a musician who plays multiple instruments and gives music lessons to children.



Caring, supportive, and charismatic Rachel is an substitute teacher at Jumper Bean Daycare. Rachel has over 10 years experience caring for children including her young son Aiden. A former employee of the Children’s Academy, Rachel has extensive knowledge of working with children of various ages. Rachel is also a volunteer at Saratoga Abundant Life Church Preschool and Nursery School. Rachel is both CPR and First Aid certified and stays up to date with the New York State daycare assistant regulations.

Autumn 4Autumn

Autumn is a substitute teacher at Jumper Bean Daycare. Autumn has over 11 years childcare experience, working with infants to toddler age along with caring for her two young boys.

“I love working with children and watching them grow.  I also love animals and have fostered through Saratoga County.”  On the weekends Autumn enjoys camping, hiking and being outside with her family.