We tailor to your child's individual needs and abilities by providing age appropriate curriculum and activities for them to learn, grow, and enjoy. The setting at Jumper Bean was designed to be warm and intimate. Children feel at home and secure in our relaxed and informal layout.



Morning Afternoon
  • Morning drop off
  • Breakfast hour
  • Free activity time/ sensory
  • Structured curriculum/ crafting
  • Outdoor time
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon rest
  • Snack time/ baking
  • Free play outdoors or indoors
  • Pick up end of the day



Our small setting is unique and open for children to play, socialize and be creative.  Children learn from each other by being around and interacting with various ages. The daily programs will offer:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Storytelling
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Organized Games
  • Environmental Education
  • Early Math
  • Colors & Letters

It’s never too early to start learning! Infants learn by mimicking and reenacting movements and facial expressions. Your infant will be nurtured, form attachments and feel secure in Jumper Bean’s warm and loving home environment. Infants interact and explore, becoming independent and build confidence. Jumper Bean provides the safe and intimate setting your infant needs to thrive.

Toddlers learn by watching and listening. Reading a variety of stories to your toddler will be done regularly to provide stimulating and learning interactions. Talking about printed words while reading stories together will aid in developing new words, letters and concepts. Story telling helps your toddler learn real time, setting, characters, plot and dialogue. Writing development is promoted through the use of crayons, paper and child friendly markers!

Learning at Jumper Bean is fun! With opportunities to express, explore and engage; children build strong social skills for upcoming school years. We provide a supportive environment for your preschooler to learn and develop. Our learning activities will be theme related. Your child will learn and have fun at the same time! Our time spent outdoors is used not only to play but explore and learn about the environment. Preschoolers will master sounds, word pronunciation and rhyming which helps them become aware of their sounds. Pretend play will stimulate language development and the creative use of words. Your children will practice the use of correct grammar, writing skills, listening, sight words, vocabulary and manners.


Children will be able to run, play and explore under careful supervision on our beautiful and spacious property. Nature walks, outdoor learning, swing set playing, garden tending and hanging their own homemade bird feeders are just some of the endless possibilities at Jumper Bean. Outdoor play will be part of our daily routine.

Outside play increases your child’s fitness levels and builds healthy bodies. Regular physical activity aids in the elimination of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease (Livestrong Demand Media, 2013). A healthy child leads to a healthy adult and at Jumper Bean, running, climbing, jumping and sports are all part of the routine. This outdoor time helps your child achieve their recommended 60 minutes of moderately intense daily physical activity. Playing outside increases perceptual abilities, confidence and an appreciation for the wonders of nature.



Healthy, nutritious foods are essential to good health and growth in children. At Jumper Bean we offer all natural and organic foods in the forms of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat/ fat-free dairy products.  Eating these foods not only keeps children healthy but also energizes play. Jumper Bean’s healthy eating practices also consist of no artificial food dyes and highly processed foods. Read more about healthy eating practices on the blog. 85% of Jumper Bean’s snacks and meals are organic.

Fresh foods will be prepared at Jumper Bean, children can help make organic fruit smoothies or all natural oatmeal cookies for an afternoon snack. Having a full kitchen gives us the luxury of not only preparing our meals fresh, but also an opportunity to educate children about nutrition.

It is proven that children benefit in school, sports and their focus when consuming the proper nutrients. Introducing children to a healthy living lifestyle early on is beneficial for inspiring better choices later in life.   We understand the importance of keeping your child healthy and making healthy choices appealing.



This menu provides an example of one days worth of food choices your child can choose from.

Fresh milk delivered weekly by Battenkill Valley Creamy

At Jumper Bean we also know about food allergies and intolerances. Our facilities are both peanut and tree nut free.

Breakfast Lunch Snack
  • Homemade all natural banana bread
  • Organic yogurt with sliced organic fruit
  • Organic fruit also offered
  • Organic grilled cheese on all natural wheat
  • Organic chicken salad sandwich
  • Organic fruit and vegetables offered
  • Organic vegetables with all natural ranch
  • Organic fruit smoothie
  • Organic oatmeal  bars



Sensitive care giving implies an ability to respond appropriately to a child’s needs of any kind, regardless of what they are and how they are expressed. At Jumper Bean we are sensitive to your child’s independence and are aware of the mix of needs and emotions. We address these needs with reassurance and encouragement. We are sensitive, responsive, cooperative, available, accepting and accessible to support your child.  Making interactions as positive as possible creates happier children, parents, and caregivers.

Hitting, biting and or pushing will be corrected immediately. If these actions are reoccurring and pose harm to the other children, this will be grounds for dismissal.